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Introducing The ResponseSuite Partner Program

Hello - it's Kennedy, the founder of ResponseSuite.

We're SO excited that you're here and ready to learn more about the ResponseSuite partner program.

Our affiliates are an essential part of our strategy for rapid growth, so we are committed to helping YOU to earn thousands of dollars in monthly recurring revenue!

As a ResponseSuite affiliate, you'll earn 30% commissions every month, from each customer that you refer. In other words, if you send us a sale worth $69/month, you'll earn $20. Every single month!*

Or a $690/year sale is $200/year in your pocket!*

*Exact commissions may vary, subject to applicable taxes.

Here's The Process:

It's really simple to become a ResponseSuite affiliate partner and bank monthly and annual commissions...

Step #1: Join The Program

Click the button below to sign up. We just need a couple of quick details (like how to pay you!) and you'll be 'in'.

Step #2: Grab Your Unique Affiliate Links & Start Promoting

To maximise your sales, there's a few different ways that you can promote ResponseSuite, so we'll give you unique affiliate links to each of our main offers.

Step #3: Track Your Stats & Watch Your Commissions Soar

From inside our affiliate area, you can keep a close eye on your clicks, free trial signups, conversions and commissions.

Sounds Great, Lads! But What Does
ResponseSuite Actually DO?

We know that you only want to promote high-quality, cutting-edge tools that your tribe can actually USE to start growing their business.

ResponseSuite is the first online survey platform built exclusively for marketing.

For too long now, surveys have been used as the 'Dead-End Of The Data Highway', collecting customer feedback after a sale has taken place... and leaving useful information to rot and die.

Instead, ResponseSuite turns surveys into sales tools... by asking everyone EXACTLY what they want, and easily offering it directly to them.

HOLD UP! Cut To The Chase. Why Is
This Different & Noteworthy?

('Cos That's What People Buy)

We're glad you asked! Let's take a glance inside...


Tight integration between your surveys and your email marketing system, which means you can push every response you receive straight through, automatically.


Put people on different lists and tag them differently depending on their answers to your survey questions allowing you to hyper-target every single person with the perfect offer every time.


Send people to a unique thank-you page depending on their answers to your survey questions, allowing you to engage every person with exactly the right offer right at the moment they need it most (and are most likely to buy).


Increase survey completion rates and show people the perfect offers across Facebook and Google.


Build stunning reports, analyse your data and share real-time results with live published report pages.


Where most survey systems leave your data in a dusty old .csv file that you’ve got to dig through, when you can be bothered, you can use all of these incredible marketing features to turn responses into sales.

Watch This Quick Demo (It'll Knock Your Socks Off)

Before you pop your socks back on, take 2 minutes to join the partner program...

...and you can start lining up your first promotion straight away...

Here's How EASY It Is To Start Earning
Commissions With ResponseSuite

It's pretty simple to become a ResponseSuite affiliate partner and start banking monthly and annual commissions...

1) Post Up A Review On Your Blog

Write a glowing review of ResponseSuite to let your readers know just how great it is!

2) Write A 'ResponseSuite Vs' Comparison Post

ResponseSuite stacks up really well against the competition! Write a post to show everyone how!

3) Create A ResponseSuite Walkaround Video

Pop a video demo on your YouTube channel to drive organic views, visits and sales!

4) Host A Special Live Webinar With Us

We could present a special training webinar especially your audience, where we'll teach + sell for you!

5) Run Email Promotions To Your Subscriber List

Send some simple emails out to your list and drive them directly into our high-quality, impactful sales page!

6) Build A Promotion Into Your Funnels

There's tons of ways we can integrate this promotion into your funnels, members areas and process! Let's chat!

...and anything else you can think of!

We want to support you every step of the way to make ResponseSuite as profitable for you as we can.

Got questions? Just drop an email to and she'll get right on back to you!

We Track Your Commissions In THREE Different Ways...


Your Unique Affiliate Link

You'll have your own affiliate links to drive traffic into our sales page, the order form, a promotional webinar... or ANYWHERE else that you want.

Every click you send gets uniquely tracked in our system and, when it leads to a sale, those commissions are locked in as YOURS.


Our Gamechanging 'Fingerprint' Technology

Every time a visitor clicks on your link, we generate a truly unique 'fingerprint' for them. It's our secret recipe that forms a cocktail of data about them, their computer, their browser session and more.

When they come back later and buy ResponseSuite from the same fingerprint, those commissions are yours - even without clicking on a link.


The Customers' Email Address

If you promote our webinars, we'll permanently link the customers registration email address to YOUR affiliate ID.

All they have to do is come back later (from ANY computer) and join with the same email address and those commissions get credited straight to your account.

...And You Get Paid Like Clockwork!

You receive your commissions (via PayPal) for any sales that have cleared the 30 day refund period, on the first and third Wednesday of every month like clockwork - so you'll never be waiting for payment.

Watch Your Own Clicks, Sales, Commissions & Payouts SOAR!

Inside your affiliate account, you can keep an eye on your campaign metrics including:

- How many clicks you send (raw/unique)
- How many sales you get
- How much you're being paid
- Where the sales are coming from

Let's Get Started!

We are so excited to get you signed up, promoting and profiting as a ResponseSuite affiliate partner.

Just hit the button above to begin our 60-second partner registration process and you can start promoting in the next few minutes.

If there's ANYTHING we can do to help (or any questions at all), please don't hesitate to drop an email over to

Here's to our joint success,

Team ResponseSuite