Surveys… but for marketing

ResponseSuite uses the intelligence of surveys to get more of your customers buying more of your products, more often.


Imagine If Your Surveys Could Do This...

Surveys don’t have to be the ‘dead-end’ in your marketing process. Imagine surveys with built-in marketing features to grow your business, turning your audience into customers and customers into repeat customers.

Email Marketing/CRM Integration

Push every respondent straight into your email marketing system and segment them based on their responses - driving higher opens, clicks and conversion rates from every subscriber.

Smart Thank You Page Redirects

Send people to different pages depending on their survey answers - so you can make the perfect offer every single time.

Drag and Drop Report Builder

Build stunning reports, analyse your data and share real-time results with published report pages.

Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Get more survey responses and build custom audiences by tracking and re-targeting with Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics.

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None. Our survey builder and report builder are all intuitive drag and drop and all supported by a fabulous knowledgebase in case you ever need it.
Everything is in plain English without technical jargon.
Of course! The entire platform is fully cloud-based on premium Amazon servers, so it’ll work on any computer and any operating system. All you need is internet access and you’re good to go.
Absolutely! We built this platform for our own businesses, and as you know we operate in multiple niches. So you’ll benefit from ongoing updates that ensure ResponseSuite remains current and cutting-edge. We take support extremely seriously and have a dedicated team on hand to respond to your questions.
Plus - if you get in early you’ll have access to the VIP FB group giving you another source for real time support.
We’re pretty confident we do, yes. If we don’t have an API integration hooked up yet you can do what some of our customers do and generate an HTML form, paste it into ResponseSuite and hey presto! You’re hooked up.
No ma’am. You can choose to pay monthly or annually and cancel at any time.
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